Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services come with over 15 years of experience in designing, programming and managing power and control system projects, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting support in roles such as Plant Engineering, Field Services, Consulting and Contracting. Experience is backed by credentials like being a licensed Professional Engineer in both Oregon and Washington, and a licensed Project Management Professional with a Master’s in Business Administration.

We offer Power System and Control System Design and Support:


Power System Design and Support:


  • Medium-voltage power distribution up to 35kV
    • Including full design, procurement and commissioning of all switchgear, transformers, cabling and controls
  • IEEE 1584-2018 Arc Flash Study including:
    • Site inspection documentation and labeling
    • Fault duty analysis
    • Protective Device Coordination
  • IEEE 519 Harmonic Study including:
    • Harmonic content monitoring and analysis
    • Design for new and existing systems to maintain or achieve compliance
  • Substation design (up to 115kV)
  • Hydro-electric generator protection and synchronizing design and support


Control System Design and Support


  • PLC and DCS design and programming (including HMI), including drawings and commissioning
    • Projects have been fully designed, programmed and commissioned exceeding 8,000 tags
  • Low and medium-voltage VFD design and troubleshooting
  • instrument specification
  • Network and Server infrastructure design and management