Low Voltage Division

Low Voltage Division

Low Voltage Division – Why us?

With over 50 years of experience as low voltage contractors, we provide professional, high-quality services to commercial, industrial, and residential clientsOur clients reside all over Oregon, including in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Redmond, and even on the Oregon Coast! There is no need to manage multiple electrical contractors when Jimco could be your sole source electrical contractor!

Our experience, knowledge, and pertnerships will make your life easier when it is time to plan your projects. We want to be a part of your team as we assist you with designing the installation and selecting a cost effective and dependable solution. We are partnered with some of the most reliable and well-known manufacturers in the industry (Panduit, Leviton, Ortronics, Corning, AXIS). Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to provide extended warranties on most solutions to ensure that the installation lasts as long as the space you are occupying.

Recent installations include:

  • Global Corporation:

We worked on the installation of over 1,800 voice, data, visual, and audio communication cables to support a functioning office network for over 300 people. This included the installation and build out of five communications rooms in over five office floors in downtown Portland, Oregon. The installation and build out also included all huddle or conference rooms to include WIFI, HDMI, and CCTV Solutions.

  • Fortune 500 Local Corporation:

We organized a complete installation of approximately 2,000 data cables on two floors of building 39 on the Campus. This included the build out of eight communications closets to include equipment racks, ladders, racking, and PDU’s. We also installed fiber optic underground cabling campus-wide between buildings and installed a campus-wide WIFI solution between buildings to support network coverage.

  • Prominent Real Estate Company

We worked on a complete installation of over 500 data cables on the 35, 36, and 37 floors of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Portland. This included the installation of conference room solutions, Huddle Rooms, WIFI, and Security Cameras.

  • CenturyLink / ADTRAN:

This was a big project which included complete installations of fiber & Cat6 solutions for many apartment buildings in Portland, Oregon. We also extended and completed fusion splicing of Demarc extension fiber (from CenturyLink point of presence) in building basements, up to individual risers on each floor of the apartment buildings.

  • Local Municipality

We repaired outdoor fiber optic cabling on telegraph poles that were damaged in heavy storm weather, installed security cameras and point-to-point WIFI solutions for many car parks in remote areas, and completed security solutions to include cameras and NVR for the Aquatic Center.

  • Aerospace Engineering Company

We relocated client’s Server room from the second floor to the new first floor location, found solutions to temporarily keep existing networks running while installing new fiber optic cables, assisted in the cut over, and designed and installed new camera solutions for the observation of “kiln melt” operations.

  • Albany Corporation:

We installed a completely new voice and data network to include communications rooms and Demarc extensions for new building in Albany, Oregon. We also installed a new CCTV security camera solution to include the design delivery configuration of a new NVR for observation & recording of events in the new building and car park areas.